5.1 President - Online learning activity A - The effective president


To enable school council presidents to reflect on the effectiveness of their leadership style.


  1. Use the self-reflection chart to guide your reflection on your own leadership style
  2. Make time to discuss your reflections with the school principal and other councillors.

How effective is your leadership?

As school council president you are responsible for the effectiveness of your council.  You help set the agenda for council meetings, chair the meetings and act as a spokesperson for school council. Use this chart to assess your effectiveness and that of your council. 

I meet the principal before every school council meeting to discuss the agenda and other issues of concern.
I make myself available to the principal and the school whenever needed.
I am open, fair and candid in my dealings with all school council colleagues.
I support all council colleagues and ensure they are heard at council meetings.
I look for opportunities to build relationships with others in the local community, particularly influential individuals and groups.
I understand and refer to the school council code of conduct and council Standing Orders at every meeting.
Our school council meetings are conducted according to Standing Orders and always run to time.
Our school council minutes are a true and accurate record of our meetings.
I make it my business to report back to the school community after every school council meeting.

Three things I might do to increase the effectiveness of my leadership are:

a) b) c)


  • Consider leadership improvement areas that you have identified in the self-reflection chart. Discuss with the school principal how this can happen.

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