2.2 Prioritise and set goals - Online learning activity B – School Strategic Planning Quiz


To increase councillors’ understanding of strategic planning, including the roles of the school and councillors and the data available to support planning.



  1. Do the quiz after reading Strategic Planning module units 2.1 and 2.2. 

  2. Check your answers by clicking on the 'Show Answer' button.

Question One

Which of the following are councillors responsible for in the school evaluation process? (Clue: only three are correct)

i. planning the self-evaluation

ii. keeping everyone informed about the contents of the pre–review self-evaluation report

iii. endorsement of the final pre –review self-evaluation report

iv. forwarding the pre –review self-evaluation report to the Department

v. participating in consultations with the community

vi. reviewing the plan and timeline for the self-evaluation.


Numbers iii. v and vi. 

Question Two

School performance is measured against the student outcome areas, one of which is achievement. What are the other three areas?


  • School self-evaluation
  • Annual Report to the School Community
  • School Strategic Plan
  • Annual Implementation Plan

Question Three

What is the most effective way that councillors can become aware of the values and aspirations of their community?


By participating in the self-evaluation process.

Question Four

How many different types of review are there?


Two: peer review and priority review.

Question Five

What can you do if you want to comment on the review process?


Contribute to the review survey provided to all schools after their review.

Question Six

You may think a particular building or resource needs to be improved. On what grounds would you have the best chance of gaining funding for such an initiative?


By identifying its impact on student learning. 

Question Seven

How might information from the attitudes to school survey impact on setting goals and targets?


By indicating areas for improvement. For instance, low motivation, would indicate a need to improve student engagement strategies.

Question Eight

When does the school annual report need to be completed and submitted to the Department?


By 30 April of the following year.

Question Nine

What do you see as the most important part of your role as a school councilor?


To work in partnership with the school to improve student learning outcomes.



Key points to remember are:

  • councillors need to work with the school’s leadership team to develop and endorse the key strategic planning documents

  • there is much data available to help schools to understand their progress in improving student learning outcomes

  • councillors help ensure that decisions reflect Department guidelines and community expectations.

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