About the Modules

Improving School Governance has been developed to increase the knowledge, understanding and skills that school councillors need to fulfil their functions and responsibilities and enhance their capacity to positively influence the quality of education provided to students in their schools. The package comprises five modules: Governance, Strategic Planning, Finance, Policy and Review and School Council President.

Modules Overview

Governance Module

The Governance Module provides school councillors with an understanding of:

  • the framework within which school councils operate
  • what school councils do
  • school council operations
  • important features of their school.
Strategic Planning Module

The Strategic Planning Module provides school councillors with an understanding of:

  • working with the school leadership team to participate in strategic planning as part of the school's improvement cycle
  • using data to identify what the school is doing well and what needs to be done to further improve student outcomes
  • fulfilling their governance role by ensuring that the school’s planning and practices reflect Departmental guidelines and community expectations.
Finance Module

The Finance Module provides school councillors with an understanding of:

  • internal controls
  • budgeting
  • investing and fundraising
  • financial reports.
Policy Development and Review Module

Under Development

School Council President Module

The School Council President Module provides school council presidents with an understanding of:

  • their role and responsibilities as a school council president
  • what makes a school council effective
  • how to lead school council meetings
  • how to engage the community in the support of the school and its objectives.