About This Module

MODULE 5: School Council President


This module serves to provide school council presidents with a better understanding of:

  • their role and responsibilities as a school council president

  • what makes a school council effective

  • how to lead school council meetings

  • how to engage the community in the school and its objectives.


The school council president is a parent or community member (not a Department employee) who serves as chair of school council meetings. The president is elected annually by all school council members.

The school council president (president) must be able to run effective meetings, work effectively with all council members and with the principal, to lead the development of the broad direction and vision of the school. An effective president is a key component of a cohesive school council. The president needs to understand the responsibilities of the role and the structure of government schools, and to have a constructive working relationship with the principal, other school councillors and the community.

Being school council president is an important and prestigious responsibility. The president represents the school in the wider community and must be prepared to champion the school, its students and its staff. The role can be time-consuming but very rewarding.

This training module will help those people elected president of their school’s council and those aspiring to the role of president to understand the nature and extent of the role and to develop the skills and knowledge to perform their responsibilities successfully.


Units in this Module

Role and Responsibilities
Characteristics of an effective school council
How to run effective school council meetings
Engaging the school community and beyond