2.4 Implement and monitor

Schools monitor, review and evaluate the implementation of their chosen priorities and initiatives – including impact on student learning – to determine progress, any need for adjustment, and overall outcomes.

Monitoring the progress of the school’s improvement strategies, including a review of key risks to achievement, is one of the school council’s key roles.

The AIP includes a monitoring section in which schools record six and 12-month progress against the evidence of impact. The council’s role should focus on monitoring progress against the success criteria and/or achievement of the one-year targets featured in the AIP. Monitoring of progress provides an essential link between the written AIP and the daily operation of the school.

Schools should self-evaluate against the FISO Continua of Practice as data becomes available and progress is made. This will assist school planning in the following year.

Through this process it may become apparent that the school’s circumstances have changed which may require the SSP to be updated. In this situation any change will require endorsement of both the SEIL and the school council.